20 Consulting Agreement Templates

by ryan on August 31, 2017


Use a Consulting Agreement Template to Design Your Next Contract


Long before you actually begin to work on any type of consulting job you need to make sure that you have a signed agreement that is going to protect you and your personal business interests as well as cover what your liabilities are.

The best way to draw up this type of contract is to use and a consulting agreement template, so that you do not leave out any important details that could end up costing you and your consulting business heavily if something should go wrong.

Most consultants start out talking to their clients on the phone or exchanging emails and letters discussing the project they are about to embark on. None of these conversations are considered a legally binding contract even thought you might discuss every aspect of the project. You must have an agreement that covers every aspect of your project, from you consulting fees to what is expected of you during the course of the project.

This agreement should also cover the milestones that you are expected to account for and at the same time how payments for your services are expected to be made. This way if anything should happen to go wrong, you can refer back to the agreement that you drew up using the consulting agreement template. This can come in very useful if you should need to hire an attorney and defend yourself in a court of law against an unhappy client. This could save you thousands of dollars in costs and expenses fighting you r case in court.

When you use a consulting contract template you should pick one that covers the following information, the spectrum of the project, what is expected on behalf of both people involved in the contract, and what both of them will be expected to do to achieve the goals s defined in the agreement.


It should definitely outline any performance milestones and reporting periods and cover what your responsibilities and liabilities will both during and at the end of the project.

Finally the agreement should cover who if not both parties has a right to end the agreement and cancel the rest of the contract. If you are going to need to bring in sub contractors to assist you, the ability to hire them must be included in the agreement. In short everything about your project must be included on the agreement so that there is no room for mistakes or misunderstands to occur and you and your business are properly protected.

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