3 Formatted medical Injury Templates

by ryan on January 20, 2017


3 Formatted medical Injury Templates


Each case will have a plaintiff and they must be able to show that four elements have happened. They are that a duty existed for the physician or hospital to treat them. That the duty was not met it was failed to be done or done incorrectly. That due to this being done incorrectly that an injury took place or even death. Finally what the damages was that have been caused due to that malpractice of the hospital or physician.



In court it will be left to that plaintiff to be able to prove what they are saying was caused by the hospital or doctor and their negligence. The defendant will of course have a chance to testify on their behalf and claim their case as they may.

The final decision in the case will be left to either the judge or a fact-finder. The verdict will be decided and a settlement will be reached if the verdict is decided to be for the plaintiff.

If the losing party so wishes they can ask for another trial. This may happened when a plaintiff feels that they should have received more than they actually did. This would be called moving for an additur. The other chance is that a defendant feels that they have been required to pay too large of a judgment and they may seek what is called an remittitur.

Some interesting trivia about this topic can easily be found, by looking to the total amount of deaths in just three years, 195,000 people who died in a hospital are thought to have been something that could have been prevented.

While a report that was done by Dr. Chunliu Zhan and Dr. Marlene Miller shows that 98,000 deaths happen each year that happen because of a medical error. That is a tremendous amount and one of the reasons why this can be considered such a hot topic. No one wants to have their loved one go into the hospital only to have them pass away because a person could not do their job correctly.

Of course there are still those claims that happen that are not really a real malpractice case but an attempt at gaining money. You can use these malpractice templates to help your case. However statistics show that 72 percent of those are normally not awarded a settlement. It’s just a shame that the percentage that do get compensated got their money. More focus should be on the cases that are real and the people should be compensated.

Examples of malpractice templates ( Injury )






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