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by ryan on February 1, 2017


Child consent: what are the issues?


Child consent can be a tricky area to navigate, with a range of different laws in place depending on where you live. These sorts of laws can vary significantly between countries, too, so bear this in mind when traveling. In general, though, issues relating to minors’ consent are reasonably straight forward. They generally have to do with whether the minor is considered capable of making an informed decision in a particular situation. For this reason, certain laws in relation to child consent can vary quite considerably.


Consent in relation to sex issues tends to be a fairly black and white area despite the fact that children mature at very different rates. This is to ensure that children and young people are protected against unwanted advances during a time when their body may be developed enough, but their mind may not necessarily be developed enough to cope with the demands of such a situation. Consent laws tend to be fairly similar across the different states, but bear in mind that there are some differences. Young people should be aware of these differences, and it is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that a child is well informed about the various situations that could arise, as well as the legal and personal implications of these.

Another issue where child consent issues can arise is in the medical realm. This can have quite a significant impact on both a child and their family, so it’s very important to have any medical-related discussion with your children early on. Consent in terms of medicine can arise in a number of different areas. Children can choose at a particular age whether they can give blood, or whether they wish to be an organ donor. Often, there isn’t provision for them to legally give consent, but the parents may have to make such a decision if the child is caught in a relevant situation. Parents should be aware of their child’s wishes, and should make a decision accordingly. For example, they may wish to donate the organs of a child if the child has been in an accident. However, if the child has expressly condemned this, or has put particular stipulations on in terms of what can be donated, the parents can then amend their projected actions accordingly.







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