Choosing a Lease Agreement Form

by ryan on March 23, 2017


Choosing a Lease Agreement Form


Renting a home or business is one of the most common forms of legal agreements that people enter into and because of this there are a number of lease agreement forms that you will have access to if you are getting ready to rent property to someone. You will find plenty of these forms on the Internet both for free and those you must pay a fee to access and even some software will carry templates for a lease agreement form.


While there is no problem with using a free lease agreement form, it is important that you check it over carefully to be sure it complies with any laws in your state and includes all the information that you want it to include. Not all free forms are complete there are those that can be found that do contain all the necessary information or are simple enough to change so that they do.

A lease agreement is a very important document for both landlord and tenant and as such should have several basic elements that protect both parties in them. A lease agreement records important information about the tenant before you allow them to move into your property, this information insures you that the tenant is reliable and gives you the leverage you will need should the tenant skip out without paying you.

A basic lease agreement form will contain a name, phone number, the property address, and possibly the contact information of family that can contact the tenant should the leave your home damaged or without paying what they owe you. The lease agreement form will also contain the details of the lease such as the terms as to whether they are month to month or a yearly lease, what type of deposits the tenant is required to pay as well as what your pet policy is and how much of a pet deposit they are required to make if you allow pets.

Other lease agreements can also be downloaded off the Internet such as commercial lease agreements and forms for leasing cars. Each of these forms will contain information that is specific to what the lease agreement is for, so always be sure you find the proper lease for the job that you intend it for.

The lease agreement will also state the amount of rent and the frequency by which it should be paid. Once signed by both the lessee and lessor the lease agreement becomes a legally binding contract that both parties have agreed on.






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