Complaint Filing In California

by ryan on February 28, 2017


Complaint Filing In California


California Complaint

You don’t get resolution to a California complaint by being the quiet wheel, but by being the squeaky wheel. The California legislature has enacted a whole body of regulations and laws that establish commissions, administrations, and other government bodies that regulate business, especially the licenses of professionals who conduct business. When these license holders screw up by being negligent or committing outright fraud, they are supposed to be held accountable by their regulatory body. Unfortunately, politics plays a role in fairness when it comes to investigating complains.

So, the first thing to remember when making a complaint, is that everything is politicized. If you are complaining against someone who is well connected to the right people with powerful influence to decision makers of the complaint process, justice probably will not prevail, at least not in the short run. However, patience and determination can be an overriding factor that might help you reach your goals in the long run. Just don’t count on it.

In CA, it is important to stand up for your rights and learn thatfiling complaints online at CCA can change corporate behavior.

The second thing to remember is that complaints are an administrative legal process. They are controlled through laws. Laws can be circumvented by anyone, including investigators who sometimes place their own best interest first. For instance, an investigator with a heavy workload might view a solid case as requiring too much time to investigate, and might therefore log witness statements that never occurred in an effort to turn the case against the claimant, and thereby shorten the amount of work involved. This is unethical, true, but a fact of life.

Thirdly, not only do investigators circumvent the law, but other people might be unwilling to provide necessary information upon your inquiry. Although the Freedom of Information Act (FIA) has made it mandatory that government furnish information that taxpayers have paid to create or collect, entire government bodies have created an atmosphere of unlawful secrecy.

An example is the mine inspection data that is collected by the government agency in charge of inspecting coals mines. The collection of this information was created to foster a safer environment for miners and was supposed to be made public. Instead, it is kept secret and even the miners who work in mines are not even allowed to see the results of the safety inspections for the the mines in which they work.

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