Discrimination Attorney Templates

by ryan on March 24, 2017


Discrimination Attorney Templates


Have you been the victim of disability discrimination in the workplace? It can be hurtful, and embarrassing, but above all else it is illegal. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 defines what constitutes as disabilities discrimination in the United States; it was revised in 2008 to expand the definition of disabilities discrimination. If you ever suspect that you are the victim of disability discrimination, you should contact a disability discrimination lawyer immediately.

Any place that discriminates on the basis of disability is breaking the law, and you may be entitled to collect damages. It is important to know that disability discrimination applies to a wide variety of situations.

Discrimination against physical and mental handicaps might seem the most obvious. However, if an employer takes action against you due to illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, or even obesity, it counts as discrimination.

Also, if you are ever discriminated against for receiving public services or government aid for any reason, you are encouraged to take the issue up with the Justice Department. Likewise, if your disability interferes with your ability to use any kind of communications technology, your service provider must provide accommodations for you, you will want to report the situation immediately to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as outlined in the Disabilities Act.

Discrimination Complaint Form of EEOC

What are some examples of disability discrimination? If you are a qualified applicant for a job and you believe you were not hired on the basis of a disability, you are being discriminated against. Even if an employer does not hire you because they assumed you had a disability that you do not actually have, you are being discriminated against.

Likewise, being skipped over for a promotion or receiving less pay due to a disability is also discrimination. If your employer refuses to make accommodations for your disability, such as allowing you access to a handicapped parking spot, you can sue for discrimination.

If you, at any time, feel as if you are being discriminated against, you should contact an attorney specializing in disability lawsuits. Disability discrimination lawyers can be found all over the country and they can help you in your efforts to address discrimination in your workplace. An attorney can help you figure out if you have been discriminated against, and will be essential in assisting you if you plan on going to trial. In many cases, companies facing a discrimination lawsuit will decide to go for a settlement; you will want a disability lawyer on hand for this process as well.



EEOC Discrimination Complaint Form EEOC Discrimination Complaint Form

EEOC Discrimination Complaint Form


Discrimination Complaint Form Discrimination Complaint Form



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