Employee Performance Appraisal Examples

by ryan on December 17, 2016


Employee Performance Appraisal Examples


Do employee performance appraisal examples really help your manpower? In my experience, most examples are not with the common failed methods how they are conducted. Here are four steps I usually employ to develop a better system for employee performance appraisals.


1. Have a Clear Set of Expectations Before Preparing Employee Performance Appraisal Examples

I have noticed that the main reason numerous employees are disappointed by the evaluation is the lack of tangible expectations. One common solution I adopt to solve this is to provide standards before the appraisal frame starts, so that the employees and the evaluators could watch the same horizon. Based on the nature of the job, I highly recommend choosing five to 10 skills and ensure that these are recognized as crucial performance factors, providing every weight based on the priority of the company. Acceptable performance on these competencies and skills must determine if the employees shall remain in the company.

Then, choose another five to 10 skills and competencies and recognize these as high performance factors, also providing each a value. Acceptable performance on these competencies would then determine if the employee is a candidate for promotion. I can firmly say that with this, employees can have a clear understanding of what competencies and skills they need to perform well to be retained or to be promoted.

2. Use Acceptable Standards for Appraisal

There are numerous methods that I often use to appraise progress. One of my favorites is the SMART technique, which is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Framed. Objectives that can meet these criteria can be used to appraise progress on the measurement of employee performance. I would like to reiterate that it is very important to make these accessible for the employees before you write the business goals.

3. Adopt Employee Performance Appraisal Examples That Are Continuous In Nature
Make sure that your appraisal process is an ongoing activity in your company setting. One innovative form of employee appraisal which I like is to use rewards and points for monthly evaluations. The employee that gets the highest points could be awarded as employee of the month or entitled for one-week paid vacation or salary bonus. Just be creative to encourage your employees to do well in their jobs.

4. Hold Employees to Be Accountable of the Appraisal Results

Employee Performance Appraisal Examples – Four Steps to Develop an Ideal SystemI strongly recommend that based on the scores on each competency set, it must become apparent in an objective manner how well each personnel is performing on measurements essential to the viability of the business or an organization. If well planned and implemented, such an appraisal process can provide a sense of ownership, which makes them think of the company priorities to attain desired results.

By using these four steps that I highly recommend, performance evaluation and appraisals could be clear, fair and highly encouraging for outstanding employees who are your biggest resource for the company. Consequently, these employee performance appraisal examples provide average to poor personnel a chance to improve their competencies and skills if they want to.




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