Free Assessment Templates

by ryan on June 21, 2017


Free Assessment Templates


A unit assessment can be explained as an action of assessing the outcomes of unit in a specialized manner is called a unit assessment.

In educational institutes mostly teachers conduct assessments after completion of course unit as a test. Well both the students & teachers have an opportunity to get the result of all the efforts they have done throughout the period of unit studying.

At the same time teachers also evaluate a statement which explains whether students have been learning during unit studying or just attending the classes for fun. Meanwhile it’s own the expertise & nature of teacher how he/she assessing unite maybe they evaluate it by written exams or just continue with simple questioners.

To be honest it would always be the choice of teachers, but here’s one more thing teachers should have to consider before stating the process of unit assessment, thus; not each & every student do their best with questions and answers maybe they’re willing to prove their skills & knowledge by some other mean of examination.


However from beginning to end it’s always necessary to realize that which technique of unit assessment would be the best & serve effectively.

Either go with written exams, short answer questioner, or go with something extra-ordinary just like; choosing game-based exams, skills based test, technology-based test, fun related assignments and probably project-driven unit tests as well. To all appearance the pivotal purpose of unit assessment is to get the impact of unit study on students as well as know the outcomes via establish an outline which describe the strengths and weaknesses of unit on the mind & approach of students. Beyond any skepticism a unit assessment may or may not drive on two forms, 1st formative unit assessment which occur in the middle of unit, 2nd summative assessment which occur at the end of unit.

Over & above both are significantly important because they allow teachers to measure the progress of unit study along with conclude a report which defines, even if teacher have been imparted all the information of course-study in the minds of students successfully or not. Perhaps there’re several techniques which can employ during the systematic procedure of unit assessment, for instance; general communication tool, qualitative measurement via rubric generators techniques, quantitative measurements, surveys, challenging test techniques, & even more.

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