Free Business Bill of Sale Templates

by ryan on March 7, 2017


Free Business Bill of Sale Templates


A business bill of sale template is a legal form that binds the buyer and seller of a business. It’s generally given to the buyer by the seller on the day when sale transaction closes.

A business bill of sale form warrants that the property and goods mentioned in the agreement are free of liens and encumbrances against their title.

Free Business Bill of Sale FORM



The business bill of sale template/form also has a short non-compete clause that restricts the seller of the business from starting a similar business; for a stipulated time, and within a specifically defined area of the business being sold.

This document is available in downloadable word format that’s opens in all computers, laptops, and tablets.
It can be downloaded, edited, and printed quickly and easily. If you still want to know what clauses and areas it addresses, then download our free business bill of sale template today.



People often mistake a business bill of sale form as a purchase and sale agreement. However, it differs in that a purchase agreement contains all the details of the business, the buyer and the seller, and everything else related to the transaction.

But, that’s not what business bill of sale form is. It’s a simple form that covers few clauses and details of sale. It is usually attached to the purchase and sale agreement, or given separately at the time of closing.



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