How To File Articles Of Incorporation

by ryan on January 8, 2018


How To File Articles Of Incorporation

Incorporation can be very beneficial for any company. You can easily enjoy the different benefits provided by incorporation. But to do this, you must first know how to file articles of incorporation and what are articles of incorporation.

Generally, every state has it own detailed process that defines how to file articles of incorporation. However, the rough outline is the same in most of the states.


The very first step is to make a decision about the state where you want to do the incorporation. Certain states of US like Delaware and Texas are considered tax havens. The process in these states is very easy and companies also get tax holiday in them for some time. If you can, it is always recommended to file articles of incorporation in these states.

Secondly, you must decide a name for your company. It must be kept in mind that when you decide the name of your company, it has to be registered and reserved. This is necessary, because the law does not allow more than one company with same name doing the same business in the same state. If allowed, this would lead to severe complications related to trademark and other intellectual property rights. You should check for the availability of the company name you want with the concerned office. If you are lucky, the name would be available. If it is not available, you have the option to either choose an entirely different company name or a permissible variation of the company name that you want.

The third step is the preparation of the articles of incorporation. You have two options. The first is for you take the safe way. Hire a corporate lawyer and provide all the details to him. The corporate lawyer will do everything for you. He will prepare the documentation, file the papers and do all the other paperwork that is required. On the flip side, the corporate lawyer will charge you and the charge is not insignificant.

The other option is to prepare the articles of incorporation yourself. This is tricky work. You have to careful about a number of points. There are clauses, sub clauses, sections, and subsections that have to be adhered to. A small mistake can become a very big problem for your entire business. The best way is to engage a corporate lawyer in a consultative role. The lawyer would advise you as to how to file articles of incorporation. In this case, the fees of the lawyer would be much lower.

You should also refer to articles of incorporation examples and samples of articles of incorporation. They are easily available online.

The final step is the means through which you file the articles. You can file them by mail. Some states also allow you to file articles of incorporation online.

Now that you have some idea of how to file articles of incorporation, you may be able to go through the process smoothly.

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