Impairments Templates

by ryan on March 5, 2017


Impairments Templates


There are a number of kinds of evidence and sources used to examine and compare your impairment to those on the listing. Any document from a licensed medical physician, osteopath, psychologist, podometrist, or speech therapist is admissible as evidence. Evidence can come in the form of a medical history, laboratory reports, treatment, diagnosis, and a statement regarding the claimant’s ability to work. Image reports are often submitted in the form of CAT scans, MRIs, or x-ray imaging. Blood tests are another frequent piece of evidence.

Mental evaluations may be submitted for a determination that is based on a psychological illness. The patient does have the right to refuse releasing any kind of medical documents. However, only documentation that is submitted, and only documentation that supports an impairment on the listing will be used to decide a case in the claimant’s favor. If the judge doesn’t have it, he can neither use it for or against someone in deciding the case.

When submitting documentation for an impairment, the claimant should consult an attorney to assist. There are many nuisances about a disability case of which these lawyers are well aware, and of which patients are not. Although they are not doctors, they are very familiar with the medical conditions on the listing. What seems like common sense may not apply in a case. Rules and regulations that are completely unknown to the claimant do affect it. For instance, a weak case might not be able to gain a permanent disability.

However, a temporary disability covering a period of a year might be easily granted, but only when temporary disability is specifically applied for. The underlying cause still needs to be on the listing, but it is much less expensive to the government and allows the consideration that a more severe injury is subject to healing.

Getting social security disability is not difficult when one meets the criteria for impairments. Fortunately most of us are not sick enough for this to be the case. When we are, it is a good idea to understand the process and have a clear understanding of how the administration’s listing of impairments will affect the outcome. Decisions can be appealed, and the odds are that if it is a marginal case it will be denied the first time. But it is a lengthy process and it is better to understand an impairment contained on the list and win on the first round, than to have to go through a whole appeals process.


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