Law Enforcement Form Templates

by ryan on February 15, 2017


Law Enforcement Form Templates


Men and women in any area of law enforcement have many different types of forms that are constantly in need of being filled out. Whether the law enforcement person works behind a desk or is avidly scouring the streets for criminals, they all have law enforcement forms that are a part of their job. Law enforcement forms provide all employees of the law with valuable information that can be used for the present time and the future.

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One of the types of law enforcement forms that must be filled out frequently is the Arrest Booking Form. This law enforcement form includes the city and state in which the person being booked was arrested. It also includes the district number, the court of appearance, the bookee’s name, their address, the place the arrest happened, the mug shot of the person being arrested, any discerning information on the arrestee, any officers’ names involved in the arrest or booking, and the bail or bond that has been set. This is one of the most frequently used law enforcement forms, as people in America are arrested everyday. There are different law enforcement forms to fill out if the person who was arrested is under the age of eighteen.

Another common type of law enforcement form that is used is an accident report form. These law enforcement forms are used for motor vehicle accidents. Each jurisdiction has their own form, and an officer from the jurisdiction where the accident occurred must come to the scene of the accident and fill out the form. If you are involved in an accident it is important to have this law enforcement form filled out. If you do not have this law enforcement form filled out, the police department will not be able to investigate your accident and will not be able to supply information to your insurance company.

Domestic violence takes place everyday across the nation in a lot of homes. The police department must fill out domestic violence law enforcement forms if they are called out to a house for this reason. The domestic violence law enforcement form includes the victim’s information, the date the incident took place, the offender’s information, the offense information and if any weapons were used, and any other remarks the police officers feel are necessary to include.

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