Letters of Consent Sample Template

by ryan on February 5, 2017


Letters of Consent Sample Templates


Consent to participate in particular forms of medical treatment is also an issue that can arise among children. Frequently, the parents will be the ones making this decision for their child. However, it is essential, particularly with older children, to ensure that they are being consulted in terms of what their particular wishes are. If what you are about to do conflicts with their wishes, it is essential that you discuss it with them rather than making a decision that will affect them against their wishes. It always always vital to take into account the personal wishes of an individual when making a decision that could have serious consequences for their lives.


Some areas where children can’t give consent relate to legal areas such as passports and documentation. In these cases, parents will have to provide consent on behalf of their children. For example, a consent to travel letter may be required for a child to travel internationally or on a flight alone. Other consent letters may need to be provided to allow a child to go on particular excursions with school, or to take part in school-based activities such as vaccinations.

Child consent is an important issue, and it’s one that is frequently in the media. It’s always a good idea to ensure that you and your child are well informed about child consent issues. This is particularly important if you are traveling overseas, or are moving to another state. Make sure that you know the specific laws relating to child consent in your area, and that you adhere to them. Ensure that your child is knowledgeable about these laws, and they are aware of any responsibilities they may have that are relevant to these issues. If you have any queries about the particular legalities of child consent, check with your child’s school, or with the relevant authorities. These individuals are well-versed in these matters and will be able to provide detailed information.







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