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by ryan on January 20, 2017


History of Medical Malpractice & Templates


We all know just what medical malpractice is but do you know how it began? When was the first real medical malpractice case and what happened to cause such a stir?

It’s actually quite hard to find when the first real case may have happened, because records from the past are not always kept and thus you may feel that malpractice is actually more of a modern era problem.

It is suggested that possibly the first cases would come up during those 1800s and possibly even in the early part of the 1900s. There is no doubt that through the years though the number of malpractice cases has grown quite a lot. It would be during the decades of the 1960s and 1970s that many suites would be filed that would be for very large and at that point unprecedented amounts.

Saying that during the years of 1790 through even 1835 that there was virtually nothing in the form of a medical malpractice suit. This would chance when in the 1840s many people would show their upset by charging that their doctors had done something wrong. Thus creating alarm that would begin the age of medical malpractice.

Beginning in 1835 until 1865 these suit would be something that would see many a patient suing a doctor for malpractice.
With medical malpractice you are saying that the professional who has treated you has done something wrong or were negligent in their treatment of your problem. This negligence that was done by the doctor has either cause you some serious injury or harm even possible death. It is due to these past suits that medical professionals now have to pay malpractice insurance in order to help offset the cost of legal fees that may come up.

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