Meeting Agenda Formatted Template

by ryan on November 4, 2016


6 New Meeting Agenda Formatted Templates


An agenda is a list of meeting issues in the order in which they are to be discussed in the meeting, starting with the call to order and finally concluding with the end of the meeting. It generally consists of one or more particular topics of business to be discussed. A business meeting agenda may also include specific time period allocated for each of the described issues.


The agenda is usually distributed to a meeting’s members some time earlier to the meeting, so that they get familiar with the subjects to be discussed, and can get ready for the meeting accordingly. The meeting agenda gives a sense of purpose and direction to the meeting. It’s easier to create a focused agenda once you understand what the meeting needs to accomplish.
Well written agendas help attendees prepare for the meeting and keep the discussion focused. Your topics should be specific and use action words.

To write a meeting agenda is a very simple task, and anyone can do it easily. But for that you require a pre defined official format. You can design it out yourself, or if you are in a hurry, just download this meeting agenda template created in Ms. Word to help you out.

Attendees need a chance to review the agenda before discussing it. They can’t prepare for your meeting if they don’t know what it will cover. Once you complete your meeting agenda using this agenda template, you have to make copies, and circulate among the people to be present in the meeting. Below is the preview and download link to this Free Meeting Agenda Format.









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