New WordPress Theme Templates

by ryan on April 25, 2017


New WP Themes Templates


New WordPress Theme – Deciding On The Number Of Columns

If you are planning to try a new WordPress theme out, you should pay special attention to the kinds of layout that it is offering. Just because new themes look very attractive, that does not automatically make it the best theme for your blog. The theme for your blog must depend upon the kind of niche that you are promoting.

Choose More Than One Column Layout

The one column layout is outdated. Therefore, you are quite likely to seek a new WordPress theme with more-than-one column layout. Most of the unique WordPress themes now offer at least two or three column layouts. However, you may also come across a theme with four columns.

The two-column layout may have the side column on either the left or the right side. You can choose the new WordPress theme depending upon your specific choice. Some people prefer to keep the navigation links on the right side while there are others who prefer to keep them on the left side.

However, if you are also using adsense on your blog, you will most probably like to download WordPress templates with three-column layout.

This way, you can use one side column for the navigational purpose and the other for Google ads and other widgets. Overall, the key to choose the best new WordPress theme is to keep the layout simple, easy to use, but at the same time attractive so that the visitors could stay at your blog and browse through its various sections.




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