Performance Appraisal Examples

by ryan on December 21, 2016


Performance Appraisal Examples


As a Human Resource Supervisor, it is important to review various performance appraisal examples to choose the best form in evaluating the competencies of your manpower. Implementing appraisals and evaluations to your human resource is a crucial factor that every company must implement. I always believe that the concern to always keep track of the performance of employees to determine if they are providing valuable contribution at agreed level is important for a company that wants to grow. HR supervisors must settle on which type of appraisal is best to use. Here are some popular samples of appraisal that you must consider.

General and Employee Performance Appraisal Examples

General appraisals are commonly used, and numerous businesses and organizations use it to evaluate the competencies of manpower. I have noticed that it considers the varied kinds of appraisal and merge them into a single form. This kind of appraisal includes rating scales, competency and skills ratings and short-response questions. On the other hand, the employee performance appraisal form could be very similar to the structure of the general form, except in the skills and performance ratings designed for general human resource. Thus, you cannot find here the competencies and skills that I normally put rating on as an HR supervisor.

Manager Appraisal and Essay Evaluation Form

Performance Appraisal Examples for Varied Organizational NeedsWe use the manager appraisal because HR supervisors feel it is important to differentiate the appraisal and ratings of employees in the middle management from the general employees.


Thus, the criteria for this appraisal is quite different compared to the forms I have mentioned above. Meanwhile, there could be a different evaluation for general employees and management staff when it comes to essay evaluation, but the format is quite the same. I usually require employees to submit a descriptive evaluation of performance that could be formal or informal.

Other Forms of Performance Appraisal Examples


Definitely, there are several other forms of performance appraisal that I use, but the forms I have mentioned above are the most common with any kind of business or organization. I highly recommend for the employer to decide which of these examples are best for their business goals. There are cases that I don’t require the full essay evaluation for the assessment of rank and file employees and management staff. The kind of job can easily be assessed with a basic type of appraisal. The one you choose could really be based on the needs of your business or organization.

Performance Appraisal Need Not Be Dreadful

Performance Appraisal Examples for Varied Organizational NeedsPerformance appraisals are usually viewed as a laborious phase of managing your manpower. I admit, I also dread the yearly evaluation, especially if you have hundreds of employees to assess. Although employee appraisals are usually seen as such by both HR supervisors and employees, I believe that they can both agree that this process is a crucial manpower management tool. As an HR supervisor for almost a decade, I can say that it is important to understand the work that your best asset – your employees – are doing the entire year and can measure the success of achieving your business goals with the aid of these performance appraisal examples.




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