Settlement and Release Sample Templates

by ryan on January 25, 2017


Settlement and Release Sample Templates


Different types of settlement and release agreements

There are different kinds of settlement and release agreements that can be used by individuals or parties to settle disputes and claims. These agreements can be used to release a person or party from any liability. Settlement and release agreements are legal documents that protect individuals or parties from possible lawsuits.

A settlement is a deal between two or more individuals or parties who have finally resolved their conflicts with mutual acknowledgment. One benefit of settling a dispute or a case is that there is no need to bring the conflict into a trial. Settlement permits both parties to avoid litigation costs, save time, as well as the emotional stress associated with going through a legal battle. One downside of settlement is the fact that one party might gain a more favorable award if the dispute was brought into a lawsuit.

An employee settlement and release document is used to settle any claims by a worker against his or her employee. In exchange for a specific amount of money, the worker will agree to waive any rights to file wrongful termination or other claims against the employer. The document will specify that both the parties will completely and amicably resolve any claim or conflict. The agreement will also include a provision that both parties were advised by their counsels, and that they understand the terms and consequences of the contract. This kind of agreement usually includes provisions on payment, tax, release, and non-disclosure. The non-disclosure agreement indicates that the employee and his or her counsel have not shared or disclose to anyone the terms of the agreement. Some agreements will add terms that the employee will not look for employment or enter into business relations with the employer or any of its affiliates or parent companies.

A release and settlement agreement could also be used for general debt. This document may include the language that is needed to settle the debt for a lower amount than what is due. It may also include words saying that the debtor’s credit reporting will be improved once the issue has been settled. This agreement is frequently used by creditors who are willing to settle a debtor’s debt due to a very long period of non-payment.

In settling medical expenses, a release and settlement form could indicate that the patient will settle a medical bill for a lower amount than what is actually due. This agreement is usually used by the patient or plaintiff to settle a lawsuit because the legal costs are getting too expensive to pay.








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