Teacher Evaluation Form Template

by ryan on January 1, 2017


Teacher Evaluation Form Template


Being a teacher is truly a very challenging, exciting and rewarding profession, but it can also be ultimately stressful, frustrating, and very taxing. It is a good idea for schools to have their teachers evaluated from time to time. It is a beneficial way to help improve their teaching styles and strategies.

Though highly controversial, using a teacher evaluation form to rate a teacher is the most effective way of assessing a teacher’s effectiveness in teaching. Evaluated teachers are able to receive accurate feedback from their students on how they can make their teaching skills better.


A teacher evaluation form is created with different criterion types. Someone can grade the teachers on how skillful their teaching execution is, or studying the student’s test scores can produce critique assessments. The teacher evaluation form, different in every school and institution, usually contains a series of statements that include topics on the teacher’s knowledge in the subject area, the teacher’s preparedness for each class meeting, the teacher’s presentation of materials, effectiveness and appropriateness of the teaching methods in the course, and the teacher’s usage of time from the beginning to the end of the class. These areas can be scored by selecting one from strongly agree through strong disagree choices, or a numerical value system similarly. Sometimes, the form also includes open-ended questions that allow students to write their comments on different issues.

Because the students who participated in the evaluation process should remain anonymous, most institutions have created ways for a secure administration of evaluations. The procedure includes the following: the activity is always scheduled at the close of the school term, the teacher evaluation form administration and transportation is not done by the teacher under evaluation, the teacher leaves the classroom during the evaluation, and the completed forms are only available to the teacher after the submission of end-of-school reports, or on a specified date.





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