Title Insurance Templates

by ryan on March 16, 2017


Title Insurance Templates


It has also been seen that the liens on a property continue to be included within a property title record even after the outstanding debt has been cleared during the process of foreclosure. This may actually prove to be detrimental for the new owner when he suddenly finds a new lien being shown against his property title. It is possible to remove such errors by filing a lawsuit.

Engaging a practitioner well versed in real estate law will definitely be a good move at this stage.

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Property titles are not confined to residential properties alone. The vacation industry within the USA is huge with timeshare transactions selling like hot cakes. Failing to hold the proper property title insurance may result in a huge loss especially if the management decides to declare bankruptcy.

The reports related to the property title of an individual can help in investigative procedures too. This is of particular significance when the individual in question has been evading paying tax or is suspected of real estate fraudulent practices. However, it is wise to wait for a minimum period of time in order to get the actual physical report instead of filing a lawsuit based on an e-search of the property title deeds.

Conducting an investigation by obtaining a copy of the property title record is not difficult at all. The names of property owners or properties owned by corporations can be easily retrieved as these documents are considered to be ‘open’ with no part of it being restricted from the general public. Since the legal documents make it mandatory to list the alternate names or spellings of property owners within the title deed, it becomes quite easy to identify an individual on basis of a property title report as well.

The entire history of a piece of real estate can be traced by means of a title report too. The methods of property transaction, vested holdings as well as the names of the owners can be retrieved by going through the document. The sale price as well as the date of transfer bears special significance for any lawsuits that may be pending. Several clauses included within the report may actually reveal the existence of a monetary arrangement between friends or relatives.

Properties which have frequently changed hands may also be of particular interest to an investigator. Quit claimed property is an indication of concealment of ownership as well. The best fact about the title reports is that an attempt for retrieving the report remains anonymous with absolutely no existence of any record of search.

Title Insurance Templates


Title Insurance Template-pdf

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