Unique Themes Sample Templates

by ryan on May 1, 2017


Unique Themes Sample Templates


Unique WordPress Themes – Image Laden Theme Distracts Readers From The Content

Unique WordPress themes are ones that give your blog a unique look and appearance. However, make sure that just in order to make your blog different from others’, you are not compromising with other important factors. Some people have the misconception that beautifying a blog and making it more attractive is all about adding plenty of images along with the content, which is not true at all.

Content Matters

It is imperative for you to understand that a successful blog is one that attracts a huge base of web traffic. Images used on your blog play almost no role in driving traffic towards your blog. It is the content that matters. Therefore, your definition of the unique WordPress themes must be based on the content of your blog.

This way, the unique WordPress themes with loads of images cannot be the best choice for you. First, the images will make the loading of your blog on the various web browsers very slow. Second, overuse of images may also distract your visitors from the actual content or message of your blog.

Therefore, while you download WordPress templates, make sure that the theme that you have chosen is not only simple but rather minimalist.

A new WordPress theme that allows you to use your own header image might be a good choice in this regard. Images and icons must be used only if you find it very necessary. Otherwise, you had better ignore them and focus all your attention on the content.






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